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Logo design for an investment blog

5 min.

What we had when we first started

Watch, read the author and get inspired.

Then we look at what our client likes and what not, to understand where to go next.

References that the customer likes

The customer really likes the counterform, which we see in options 1,2 and 4.

I immediately thought of the FedEx arrow, which might be a great solution.

References that the customer does NOT like

Here you can see that the author does not like the classic options for working with a mascot and a character in different artistic styles. The client does not like cartoonishness, coats of arms, emblems.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to apply several options? With these thoughts, I’m going to collect a moodboard and enjoy this process. I love putting together a moodboard and digging for info, this is probably my favorite part of the design process.

A few refs on the theme of Godzilla :)

Let’s add some classics.

During the search, I chose something like this.

On the one hand, there is Godzilla, a reference to the Japanese epic. Being a fan of Godzilla, I wanted to draw my own version of the great guardian of the power of the earth. On the other hand, a blog about finance and I keep a counterform in my head.


I refuse the idea of making Godzilla with a keyboard, since the pixel art style is not quite suitable for a given topic. But the idea to depict a dragon in the logo seems very interesting.

If you really try, then in the capital letters FZ you can see the silhouette of a dragon.

Therefore, I drew something similar to a dragon.

Look at this dragon! It’s good that he doesn’t look very cartoonish, while remaining quite menacing. In the course of drawing the logo, the letters FZ were lost. Let’s try to make them more explicit. To do this, we will add the color.

When choosing a color, I focus on the main palette from the moodboard, which is dominated by shades of red and green in the theme of the Japanese epic.

To balance these bright colors, I take «financial» saturated blue as a contrast.

Final result

We frame the resulting logo in a square and slightly correct the proportions.

We put the logo in real conditions where it will be used and check the scalability.

On a small scale, the inscription is almost invisible, so it is better to use the version without the inscription.

This is how the logo of Nikita Selivanov's investment blog turned out to be.

5 min.
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